About the project

What is the Kali Yuga?

In Sanskrit sources the Kali Yuga is the prophesied age of decline and decadence, which was reinterpreted and applied to the modern era by the likes of René Guénon and Julius Evola. This perspective of history and civilisations moving in cycles of rise and decline, or Saṃsāra,  is seen throughout native European tradition, and could just as easily be linked to Fimbulvetr or the “Great Winter” in Germanic tradition, and Machiavelli’s view of society and history. There will be quite a lot of Germanocentric study on this site, but these ancient eastern sources are essential, and just as Evola and other scholars did in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, we will give them their due attention in order to fill in the blanks in western tradition and better understand it, without any pretence or orientalist fetishism.

S. founded Surving the Kali Yuga in Summer 2017 in order to promote forward-thinking, self improvement, self-sufficiency, traditionalism and a healthy mind, body and spirit in the modern world. In an age dominated by identity politics and controlled opposition – both products of left wing and right wing political spheres – it embraces a healthy degree of cynicism, and the focus of this project is generally centred around primitivism, traditional paganism, tribalism, survivalism and deep ecology.

This project is about positivity in an age of decline, decadence and eventual collapse. There will be a degree of political discussion and commentary, but Surviving the Kali Yuga aims to serve as an antidote for the divisive left wing vs right wing narrative, to address the woes of civilisation, industrialisation, capitalism and socialism alike and to pose practical solutions in order to guide people of worth.