The Authors

S. – Creator & Chief Editor, Writer – I came up with the title and set up and designed the site, and act as the general overseer and editor of the Surviving the Kali Yuga project. A primitivist at heart, I have a great admiration for Pentti Linkola, Julius Evola and Varg Vikernes, whose perspectives on civilisation and traditional living have influenced me greatly. My own particular areas of interest are bushcraft and survival, traditional paganism and medieval and ancient history and literature. My own pursuits outside of the day job revolve mostly around fitness, martial arts, foraging and arts and crafts.



R. – Writer – By embracing the skills of the past, we can survive the future. My journey into self improvement started after a fight in highschool, it sparked a passion in me and since then I have been learning furiously any martial art I can take part in. I have a great thirst for knowledge and my interests include history, philosophy, politics and animation/coding. In my spare time I train (martial arts/ fitness), hike, sketch and write. Surviving the Kali Yuga in my opinion is a positive response to the bleak situation many find themselves in todays world, in a society of instant communication we have all somehow become less connected to ourselves and those around us.